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What does it mean to be a member of the BACP?

Being a member of the BACP takes into consideration that we

are competent, experienced and have the necessary training

that is required of an Adlerian counsellor.

This in turn enable us to deliver a high level of professionalism.

This professional body provides a standard based on the ethical guidance and a way for practitioners to conduct them.
To understand more go to BACP.

What Is Supervision?

As a method of safeguarding counsellors, it is a legal requirement of the BACP that all professional counsellors have regular supervision. We treat supervision as a way to discussion and review client work. It allows us to reflect on our personal and professional development ethically. Good practice is developed and client safety is ensured so that we can effectively encourage our clients.

How does Skype counselling work?

If you opt for Skype counselling, our session will be in our private counselling room thus maintaining confidentiality. Prior to our session we will agree on a date and time that is suitable for both of us. Payments are usually paid by bank transfer. This is paid before our session starts.

If my connection fails, what do I do?

There are times when the connection fails or we have a weak signal and if that happens we will contact you via Email or telephone to rearrange another appointment.

How confidential are our sessions?

Although supervision is required from counsellors, overall it safeguards the details of the clients. Sessions are taken with the upmost discretion and confidentiality is maintained.

Your name and any relevant information are protected.

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