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Why Counselling? 

Counselling is a form of therapy that allows a person to explore the things that
are troubling them in a safe setting with the guidance of a fully trained and
qualified professional who has a vested interest in their breakthrough.
Life can be lonely, especially when you are smiling on the outside to hide the
pain you feel on the inside. During those times when you feel as though no one
understands or when you’re simply tired from being ‘strong’, counselling can be
an incredible way to get clarity, support and sound advice from someone who

Aside from creating a safe space to talk, counselling can help to equip you with
the mental and emotional resources to help you to navigate challenging times
both now and in the future. It’s a process! Counselling is not a quick fix but can
help you make informed choices to positively impact your life.

Crystal Waters Counselling will partner with you to look at your goals, identify
the blocks and challenges preventing you from living the life you desire and
create an action plan that will motivate you towards change. Our sessions can
help you manage your challenges while highlighting your strengths and abilities.

Principles of Adlerian Psychology 

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People are social beings with the need to be part of the community, through cooperation, contribution and participation and working for the common good. Adler called this 'gemeinschaftsgefuhl' which means community feeling.

We desire connectedness and belonging

Responsibility for change of the personality rests in the hands of the individual and the need to blame others is discouraged. This step encourages open-mindedness and patience towards others.

We Are One

We are holistic and not the sum of parts; our emotions cognitions, spirituality and behaviour are all connected.

Basically we are a whole and solid unit!

Purpose of Behaviour

We are goal-oriented in regards to behaviour, (thought, feeling, and action) although we may not always understand the purpose of these goals. We are often unaware of them.


We need to be encouraged and to give encouragement. It helps us focus on the assets and strengths of others

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